👋 Hello! I’m Roddy, your product design partner!

Crafting digital experiences and brands to
help you grow.

Streamline your design needs without the hassle of hiring. Get high-quality design on demand, unlimited requests, one monthly fee. Simple and straightforward.

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Over the years, worked with amazing brands
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Simple transparent pricing.

$4,000 /month USD

Best for projects that need a reliable design partner with one request at a time.

  • One request at a time
  • Production-ready web/app designs
  • 1:1 async communication
  • Private Slack channel
  • Weekly sync call
  • Dedicated designer
  • Pause or cancel anytime

We require a 15-minute call to make sure we're the right fit for you and to explain the next steps.

$6,000 /month USD

Best for startups and founders looking to iterate quickly, bypassing the headache of trying to find and hire top-quality designers.

  • Two requests at a time
  • Production-ready web/app designs
  • 1:1 async communication
  • Private Slack channel
  • Weekly sync call
  • Dedicated designer
  • Pause or cancel anytime

We require a 15-minute call to make sure we're the right fit for you and to explain the next steps.

Are you interested in a quoted project?

If your project doesn’t fit in the above plans, or if you’d like to discuss before making up your mind, book a call with us.

Here's what we're good at.

Concentrate on your primary objective which is expanding your
business, and leave it to us to ensure that yourbusiness is efficiently
portrayed in the digital realm and distinguishes itself from the rivals.

  • Product Design
  • Mobile / Web app
  • Design Systems
  • UI Kit Library
  • User Experience
  • Prototyping
  • Motion Design
  • Website design / CMS
  • Landing page
  • Prototyping
  • Animation
  • User Experience
  • Email Design
  • Digital Ads
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Visual Identity System
  • Collateral Design
  • 2D Motion Graphics
  • Pitch Decks
  • Packaging

Start Within a Day! How it Works?

Nice to meet you. We'll discuss your design and business needs together. It's a chance for you to ask questions and ensure we're a good fit before moving forward.
Book an intro call

If our service is a good match, start your subscription for ongoing access to our design services. Choose update frequency based on your needs and budget.

Next we discuss your design requirements in depth. Branding, audience, and business goals to make sure the final product aligns with your vision and objectives.

Get world-class
designs, faster

Get all our design services for a fixed monthly fee.
Enjoy all the benefits.

Rapid Design Delivery

Quick delivery: Get tasks done in just a couple of days.

Infinite Design Requests

Endless task submissions, organized just how you prefer.

Seamless Communication

Stay updated instantly with Slack communication.

Custom Designs, Fully Yours

Every design is uniquely created for you, ensuring complete ownership.

Freedom of Flexibility

Enjoy our services without the ties of a contract.

No Surprises Billing

Transparent billing with a flat monthly rate, no hidden fees.

Exceptional Design Quality

Superior designs on-demand, whenever required.

Unlimited Revisions

Revise freely: Endless adjustments, zero extra fees.

Reputation is everything. Ours is flawless.

Roddy is the definition of a professional. He is always up to speed with design trends, but not guided by them. He thinks about both the business and the user when designing, which makes him a rare breed of designer. His communication is excellent. I can confidently endorse Roddy’s work, it is always of the highest standard!
Carien Els

Carien Els

Co-Founder, The Principality

Co-Founder, The Principality
Honestly Roddy is a great asset to have working on any project. Whenever he was working on a project with me, I always felt that much safer. If you get a chance to work with him I promise you will not be sorry.
Linden Shearar

Linden Shearar

Executive, Amorphous

Executive, Amorphous
“Ivan is an exceptionally talented designer who consistently exceeded our expectations. His ability to blend creativity and functionality resulted in visually stunning designs that perfectly captured our brand's essence.”
Rachel Voskov

Rachel Voskov

CEO of Pipefy

CEO of Pipefy
"Working with Ivan was a game-changer for our business. His keen eye for detail and deep understanding of user experience resulted in designs that not only looked great but also enhanced the overall usability of our product."
Jacob McDany

Jacob McDany

CEO of Rackspace

CEO of Rackspace

You have the questions. We have the answers.

If you have any other questions or feedback, please contact me and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Firstly, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and focus. We deliver 80% of the value with 20% of the effort, which means that we can work quickly and remain focused on achieving results.

Secondly, we believe in speaking our minds and keeping our clients in check. Sometimes, employees may feel uncomfortable about speaking up, but we do not have that issue. As we are not dependent on any single client, we can express our opinions in a respectful manner without fear of negative consequences.

Finally, we are more than just a service provider. With over a decade of experience, we have the expertise to be a valuable thought partner. We are not only here to complete projects, but also to contribute to strategy and decision making. Definitely! In fact, we require a call before we take on a client. Please book an initial consultation to get started.

You will receive new deliveries on your requests within 1-3 days on average. Design projects are, by nature, highly variable in scope. So for smaller tasks a delivery will usually mean a completed design. For complex requests, we’ll break the work out into milestones and deliver accordingly.

We primarily use Figma for AI product design.

We specialize in digital product design, namely UI, UX, and Brand Design. So far we’ve designed dozens of apps for both web and mobile. Our capabilities cover the entire design process, from product strategy to high-fidelity interface design. We love a good challenge. Try us.

imRoddy was founded by Roddy, a designer with over a decade of experience. Most of the work is done by him. When necessary, we expand our bandwidth and capabilities with the help of other designers.

Total output in a given tends to be dependent on the level of detail in the requests you submit. For example, if you need a website designed and you already have a creative brief, moodboard/style references, wireframes, and copy written, then you can expect to see UI progress in Figma right away. If you do not have these items, we will work with you to define and/or create them! However, this necessarily means that it will take longer to get a polished end product.

After signing up, we’ll create a shared board in Trello that will serve as our central resource. You create requests by adding information to a new Trello card.

As long as you’re a client, there is no limit to how many iterations we will work on for you. This is definitely one of the main benefits of the model.

Nope. It’s all yours. Including all the source files. All licences for fonts, imagery and other assets are to be purchased by you during the design process.

Given the specialized nature and high quality of our work, we do not offer refunds. However, we’re dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and will make any necessary revisions to the designs.